understand your customer, improve your business

understand your customer. 
improve your business.

Do you know what your customers are saying?


Adopting a service culture and placing the customer experience at the heart of your organization will ensure that you maintain customer loyalty and achieve sustainable success in your operations.

Insight Evaluations uses an internationally recognized customer service evaluation technique called Mystery Shopping. This technique is used to monitor and evaluate the service experience received by your customers through a firsthand account of their interaction.

The Insight Evaluations Mystery Shopping program is fully customizable, to identify the specific needs of your company and align with KPIs important to you. We then formulate an evaluation questionnaire that will provide you with the critical information needed to help your company improve its customer service image and performance.

With a Caribbean-wide network of Mystery Shoppers, we can support your efforts to deliver a standard customer experience regardless of your operational footprint.


Customer Service Evaluations can be conducted through different vehicles depending on the specific needs and offerings of any organization. Our services include the most effective ways of gathering and compiling actionable information. Actionable information is the usefulness of information once it has been received. Through our services we provide our clients with the information needed to make specific improvements to their service output. 

These services include:

Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping involves an in depth analysis of your procedures, operations, location, cleanliness, employee sales techniques and product knowledge by our highly observant Mystery Shoppers.

Call-In Service Evaluations

We evaluate the telephone service given by your employees from beginning to end. It includes the length of time taken to speak to a representative, the tone and approach of the representative, extended hold periods and unclear or conflicting responses. 


    Integrity Evaluations

    Our Integrity Evaluations are the most reliable method of assessing employee honesty and loss prevention strategy. This technique is commonly used at retail outlets, bars, restaurant and hotel establishments.

    Competitor Comparative Shopping

    Competitor Comparative Shopping allows you to see how customers view your competitors in comparison to your business offerings.


    Online Service Evaluations

    Our Online Service Evaluations let you know how your customers feel about your web presence; the design and friendliness of your website, the time taken to respond to orders and inquires, checkout security and how problems are dealt with. 

    Merchandising Audits

    Merchandising Audits allow you to conduct routine checks on merchandising and point of purchase issues including the stocking, placement, promotions and pricing of specific merchandise.


    Action Planning

    Data alone is useless unless it leads to making measurable and attainable changes in your customer experience strategy.  We can help you map out a plan of action for improvement, including service suggestions and motivational perks for your employees.




    "At Zanzibar we have had the pleasure of introducing an Insight Evaluations Mystery Shopping program to monitor and maintain excellent customer service standards. In the highly competitive restaurant business, the one thing that will always set you apart is your commitment to customer service. With this in mind, Insight Evaluations and their service evaluation programs have greatly assisted us in achieving our goals."

    "Once an evaluation has been conducted, our restaurant managers receive a professional, well-written and detailed report of the customers experience from the minute they approach our establishment. The crucial information provided in these Mystery Shopping reports allow us to zero in on the key issues affecting our customer service and business performance."

    "The reports give the entire team motivation to improve, as we are able to directly monitor each area of the restaurant performance including that of individual employees. The easy to understand layout and breakdown of the service protocol in the evaluations makes them perfect for training new staff and for use in our re-training programs."

    "The Zanzibar team is committed to and impressed with the Mystery Shopping program. If you care about your customers experience in your stores, I highly recommend Insight Evaluations."

    Glenn Forbes
    Operations Director



    "We at Clarks / Nine West have been using the services of Insight Evaluations Mystery shopping program for the last year. Having four outlets, it became impossible to monitor what the customer was experiencing on entering our stores so we decided to seek the professional services of Insight Evaluations to give us that information. I have been thoroughly impressed with their professionalism." 

    "Through their detailed monthly reports the Staff have something concrete to work on, they get a very clear picture of how a customer views their Customer Sales Techniques, their appearance, the closing of the sale and the general overall experience. It has made my staff competitive in a positive way as we have been able to work monthly incentives into the program."

    "It is a pleasure working with the Insight Evaluations team. The reports are easy to understand, there are always clear suggestions for improvement, and a general positive approach by the staff to the program by all."

    "I would highly recommend Insight Evaluations to any Service Oriented business owner/manager as very important tool for the improvement of their organization."

    Elizabeth Thomas
    Clarks Trinidad Ltd.